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Job Ads

A job posting facility that will able to show your Company Logo, Job Title, Salary, Job Role, Simple Compnay Description, dan Job Description.

Resume Search

Using this feature, customers can search for candidates efficiently by matching the candidates location, job level, experience, salary, and education.


Help you to find the right talent and individuals who meet the right specification that your company required


Help you find a third party services for a planned or existing activity that is or could be done internally


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Registration on HiredToday Free?

    Yes, Registration on HiredToday is Free for job advertisers and job seekers

  • You can fill the registration form and our team will create access for you. If granted, You will receive a username and password account sent to your email

  • Once you received a username and password on your registered email, you can easily sign in to your account by entering the email and password given

  • You can submit an inquiry form and choose the plan that you want to know more. Our team will send out the inquiry that you requested. Or if you have any more questions, you can directly contact us through the whatsapp button or click wa.me/+628158075553

  • HiredMeter is a feature that allows you to filter candidate through their HiredMeter Score. The system works by matching the candidates past experience, education and many more details. The more it match with your job requirements, the higher the HiredMeter scores.

  • You can contact us through phone or email directly to help you with your passwords



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